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We offer many commercial hydrojetting services as well as general commercial grade upkeep services. If you need it done, we're here to help. If ever unsure as to whether or not we're the team to tackle your problem, don't hesitate to ask! (816) 769 3900


Hydro jetting sewer lines

Hydro jetting is a plumbing technology that clears sewer lines. Before Jetting the technology of choice was the mechanical rooters, a metal snake that would be thrust around to clear blockage. Hydrojetting uses various pressures of water to clear blockage. Hydro jetting clears away not just the blockage, but cleans 360 degrees of the pipe eliminating buildup through out.

Mini jetting of drain lines

Mini jetting is the same concept as our hydro jetting services just made possible for smaller lines and spaces. We have equipment to accomodate any blockage problem, in any size line such as sink drains, floor drains, Ect.


Drain cleaning/cabling lines

In some situations hydrojetting may not be the best solution, we also have mechanical rooter cables in our inventory. While we don't think we will have to use these tools on your lines, we do have them and will deploy them to solve your problems.

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