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Residential Services

We offer many residential hydrojetting services as well as general residential upkeep services. If you need it done, we're here to help. If ever unsure as to whether or not we're the team to tackle your problem, don't hesitate to ask! (816) 769 3900


Hydro jetting sewer lines

Hydro jetting is a plumbing technology that clears sewer lines. Before Jetting the technology of choice was the mechanical rooters, a metal snake that would be thrust around to clear blockage. Hydrojetting uses various pressures of water to clear blockage. Hydro jetting clears away not just the blockage, but cleans 360 degrees of the pipe eliminating buildup through out. This technology is especially beneficial to homes like yours, where repairs need to be done carefully and tactfully as to not damage pipes and lines further.


Mini jetting of lines

The same concept as our main hydro jetting technique except we use less powerful and smaller equipment for the smaller and more fragile piping found in sink and home sewer lines.


Camera & Locate

We don't like wasting time, yours or ours. If we can't fix your drain or line problems on a first try we will never go at the problem again without having a second in depth analysis of the problem in your lines. We use camera and locate technology to exactly identify problems in your lines. We use state of the art flexible fiber optic cable with high definition cameras to investigate problems where no human eye can go, an extremely valuable tool.


Septic Cleaning

It's very important to maintain your septic tank and address any problems it may have as soon as possible. A septic problem can get very messy, very fast. We recommend you have your septic tank pumped/cleaned every five years.

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