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Grease interceptor cleaning

Grease interceptors are used by various establishments to prevent grease particles and waste from entering city sanitary systems. It's important to keep the interceptor lines clear of blockage, it is when these lines get blocked that the interceptor is at risk of overflow. Call us to make sure your interceptor is not at risk of malfunction or if it is already malfunctioning, we are here to help.

Used cooking oil pickup

Many types of establishments generate vast amounts of used cooking oil, a simple call to us and we will pick up any unwanted used oil, simple as that.


Camera & Locate

We don't like wasting time, yours or ours. If we can't fix your drain or line problems on a first try we will never go at the problem again without having a second in depth analysis of the problem in your lines. We use camera and locate technology to exactly identify problems in your lines. We use state of the art flexible fiber optic cable with high definition cameras to investigate problems where no human eye can go, an extremely valuable tool.

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